Your Guide to Making Money in the Multi-Billion-Dollar Marijuana Market
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How fast can you make a million dollars with a marijuana store?

Use this form to estimate how long it will take you to make a million dollars by running a marijuana store. You can also use the tool to estimate How Fast Can You Make A Million as a Marijuana Grower?

Date you will start business
Enter the date you expect to open your doors and make your first sales to customers.

Customers per day
Enter the number of customers you expect to get in a typical day. Typical clubs in the Los Angeles area might get 50-150 customers per day. Large clubs have been estimated to get 1,500 or more customers per day.

Average number of one-eighth ounce packets bought by each customer
Enter the average number of one-eighth ounce packets that the average customer will buy when they come to your store. Most stores place a limit of one ounce per customer per day.

Average retail price per one-eighth ounce.
Typical retail prices in Los Angeles are currently $45 to $75 per one-eighth ounce, depending upon quality and type. Premium varieties may command higher prices. Prices may vary by location.

Number of days the store will be open each week

Average wholesale price of marijuana, per pound.
Enter the average price you expect to pay for wholesale marijuana from growers. Average wholesale prices of marijuana in the Los Angeles area range from about $3,500 per pound to $6,000 per pound. Premium varieties command higher prices.

Number of employees (besides yourself)
Remember that if your store is open more than forty hours per week then you will probably need someone to help you. You will also probably want a day off now and then, so plan for the help you will really need.

Monthly salary per employee
Enter the average monthly salary you will pay your employees. These people are taking a risk with you, and they will be handling some very valuable materials, along with a lot of cash so pay them well and treat them with respect

Other monthly overhead (store rent, utility bills, miscellaneous)
Enter an estimate of all the other expenses each month for rent, utility bills, office expenses, advertising and other miscellaneous expenses. See How Much Does It Cost to Open A Marijuana Club? for the range of expenses you might encounter. For a typical club, $2,000 a month might be in the ballpark.

Your Monthly Salary
Enter the amount of money that you will need to live every month while you are making your first million.

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