Your Guide to Making Money in the Multi-Billion-Dollar Marijuana Market
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How fast can you make a million by growing marijuana?

Use this page to estimate how fast you could make a million dollars by growing marijuana.
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When will you start growing? 
Where will you be growing?
Growing method
Number of 1,000 Watt Lights
Enter the number of 1,000 watt lights you will be using.
Crops Per Year
If you are growing outdoors, the number of crops per year is one.
If you are growing indoors, you may have as many as eight crops per year, provided you have a separate vegetation space and you choose a variiety with a short flowering time.


What is your experience as a grower?
Rate your experience as a grower. If you haven't grown marijuana, but have experience in gardening and caring for flowers or fruiting plants, you may count this toward growing experience.

Wholesale price per pound
Typical wholesale prices may range from $3,000 to $6,500 per pound. Prices will vary depending upon your location. Because of the national marijuana situation, prices in states other than California will probably be higher for comparable quality marijuana.

Retail price per one-eighth ounce
Typical retail prices may range from $45 to $75 per one-eighth ounce.
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