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Can't afford to open a marijuana club?
Try a marijuana delivery service. 

What can you do if you can’t afford to open a club with a storefront location? Start a delivery service.

You probably won’t have the same number of customers that you would get through a convenient storefront location, but you can do pretty well.

This page contains the basics for starting a medical marijuana delivery service. If you want a more complete guide, you should order the MarijuanaBusinessNews Medical Marijuana Delivery Service Handbook.

What’s required?

The list of requirements for a delivery service is smaller than for opening a club.

  • You will need a steady source of supply. You can use the How Fast Can You Make a Marijuana Million page to estimate the amount of marijuana you would need each week to maintain a given level of customers.
  • You and your employees should each have their own medical marijuana recommendations, or be named by someone else as a caregiver.
  • You will need to collect the standard documentation from each of your clients. See the Cannabis Club Starter Guide for sample documenation. You will need cheap, reliable transportation.
  • You will need a simple computer database to manage your client list. Any simple contact management software should be able to do the job.
  • You should have two business telephone lines. One will be for intake of new patients. This will be the number you put in your advertising. The second number should be the contact number for registered patients only.
  • A web page can be very useful in that you can put your current catalog of goodies online to help your customers decide. Some clubs choose to have their catalogs on private pages for customers only. They don’t want “too much” exposure. Other clubs put their full current product online as a means of enticing new customers. They aren’t afraid of exposure. Each situation varies.

When you have assembled the requirements, you can advertise here on or in newspapers and magazines local to your area. Your ads can be as simple as “New Marijuana Compassion Group Forming – Call 555-555-3466”

When people call, schedule a visit to their home to sign them up. Make sure you verify their recommendations with the doctor before you allow anyone to purchase any marijuana.

When transporting marijuana to clients, there are a few rules:

  • Make sure the vehicle is properly registered, doesn’t have any obvious defects like burnt-out tail lights, and has adequate gasoline. Vehicle problems are often a ticket to an unpleasant encounter with the police.
  • Obey the traffic laws – always. Don't smoke your own medicine along the way. Don’t give the police excuses to stop you.
  • Carry only what you need for any given delivery trip.
  • Secure the products in a sealed container, preferably in the trunk. 
  • Call to verify the appointments when you are on the way.
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