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Marijuana Club Startup Guide

Inventory (Marijuana)


You will need an adequate amount of marijuana to start your store. In addition, you are committing to long-term expenses in your store lease and other areas, so you will need reliable sources of supply on a regular basis, every month you are open.

How much will you need? That depends on your particular location and plans, but the amounts could be considerable. A typical store in the Los Angeles area might go through 50 pounds of marijuana a month. Some of them sell far more than that.

Granny Growers
Many clubs report that they get offers from their own clients. Many retirees, disabled people, and other people living on fixed incomes have taken to growing a little marijuana on the side. They are often good for a pound or two each every few months. 

Grow Your Own
You can grow your own. If you choose to do this, make sure that you take adequate security measures. As one example, remember that grows of 100 plants or more are far more likely to draw the attention of the DEA. Smaller grows will often be ignored, simply because there are so many people growing marijuana now that the DEA couldn't begin to arrest them all.

Other Clubs
Owners of other clubs may have surplus that they are willing to sell.

"Traditional" Sources
Just because there are Marijuana Clubs open now doesn't mean that the traditional marijuana black market has gone out of business. There are many people who are now growing marijuana on what can only be described as an industrial scale. In fact, our research shows that this underground market is still probably much larger than all the marijuana sold through cannabis clubs. You will have to figure out how to contact dealers of the appropriate size yourself. In many cases, if you open your doors, they will find you.

Quality of Product
One of the problems you will face in acquiring inventory is the quality of the product. Good products boost your business. Bad products will put you out of business. It is easy enough to tell when marijuana is fresh, has a good aroma, and has potency. It is not so easy to tell how it was grown, or exactly what variety it is.

Some customers prefer organically grown marijuana. If you are going to tell your customers that your products are organically grown, then you better inspect the crop yourself, or have a grower that you really, really trust. Additionally, you should be aware that growers have an incentive to tell you that "Just Ordinary Kush" is really "Very Expensive Kush." Growers can boost their own income just by changing the name.

The one thing you can count on is that you will have at least one client who is a better connoisseur of marijuana, and more accurate at discerning varieties, than anyone on your staff. Therefore, it behooves you to insure the quality of your products, from whatever source they may come. If you have regular suppliers you may want to personally inspect the crop, or even pick particular plants. Growers will naturally be reluctant to have visitors to their crop, but business is business so quality controls must be worked out.



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