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Marijuana Club Startup Guide

Hold Harmless Agreement

Hold harmless agreements are legal agreements where one person agrees not to sue another person, or to accept liability and defense of lawsuits in the event that some other party sues the parties in the contract. Hold harmless agreements are not always enforceable in law because you can't contract away your natural legal liability. That is, you can't make a contract that you are not responsible for your own negligence and damage you cause to others.

However, for the limited protection they do provide, they probably aren't a bad idea. Here is a sample agreement:



I (Patient Name) being of lawful age and sound mind, do now release, acquit, and forever discharge (Marijuana Club Name) herein referred to as owner, of (Marijuana Club address, city, state, county, and zip code) from all actions, claims, demands, or damages accruing to me from any known or unknown injury, loss, or damage sustained by or to me. This release shall remain in force and run conncurrently with my membership in (Marijuana Club Name). In witness whereof, I have executed this release in (City Name). I further agree to indemnify and hold harmless (Marijuana Club Name) from any injuries or damages resulting from use or misuse of medical marijuana obtained from (Marijuana Club Name).

Signed: _____________________________  Date: _______________________________


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