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Marijuana Club Startup Guide

Clerks and Managers


Unless your business is staffed entirely by family members, you will need to hire clerks. If you are not going to be there every hour that the business is open every day, you will need to hire a manager or an assistant manager.

One of the problems of a retail business is that someone must be there the entire time it is open. If you are the owner, that means you -- with no excuses. If you are puking your guts out with the worst bout of flu ever seen in the Western Hemisphere, the store must still be opened on time, or you are out of business.

Because of security issues and other concerns you will be better off if at least two people are there at all times. Remember that people generally only work 40 hours a week and many businesses are open more hours than that. Therefore, you will probably need multiple clerks and you will need to arrange them on a work schedule that is agreeable to all. Sometimes that can be more difficult than it sounds.

If you ever want a vacation, that means that you will need someone there in your absence who knows how to run things, and has the authority to do what needs to be done while you are off lounging on the beach in Tahiti. That means a manager, or an assistant manager.

Managers must be smarter than clerks, and more responsible. If your clerk doesn't show up for work when you are off in Tahiti, that is a minor nuisance. If your manager does not show up and unlock the doors, then you are completely out of business. Managers also need more training and they need to get practice in doing all the required functions of the business. Then need to be you when you can't be there.

Good employees who show up on time every day, do the work correctly, and don't rob you blind can be hard to find. In addition, finding new replacements for people you have fired can be expensive, both in terms of dollars, and in terms of your personal time. Therefore, if you get good employees, it will benefit you in the long run to treat them fairly and give them good wages and benefits. Remember that your best interests, both with clients and employees, lies in good, long-term relationships.



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