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Marijuana Club Startup Guide

Assessing the Risks


Let's not kid ourselves. Selling marijuana on any basis is completely illegal under Federal law and it is still very questionable under state law. There are substantial risks to opening a Marijuana Club or delivery service. You could lose everything you own to Federal asset forfeiture, and spend a long time in jail, if you are prosecuted.

Whether that happens to you depends on a lot of factors. Many people have been in the business of selling marijuana literally for decades and never been arrested. Others get arrested the first time they try it. Your chances of getting arrested and prosecuted depend on a number of things:

  • How careful are you in your behavior? Do you tell all your friends about your wonderful new crop? Do you sell to anyone who comes along? Do you leave incriminating evidence laying around where it can be freely observed by others?
  • What is the attitude of your local police toward clubs? If they don't like clubs, they often don't have any problem calling the DEA to bust people they don't like.
  • How big is your operation? The DEA and the local police have limited resources. You can expect the biggest fish in the pond to be the most current target.

Chance and dumb luck. People have gotten busted because a simple, ordinary electrical appliance shorted out and started a fire -- which brought the fire department -- who called the police. Even if you do everything right (or as right as you can), there is always a chance that some odd event will happen and the police will show up at your door.

Your security lies in two things. One is the uncertainty of state law and the general unwillingness of local police (in some areas) to get involved in medical marijuana. The other is that the DEA simply doesn't have the resources to deal with all the medical marijuana sellers -- and it never will. In order to try to correct the situation now, the Federal Government would have to pull of an American version of Tianamen Square.

But make no mistake about it -- the DEA will continue to hurt people until this situation is resolved. If you open a Marijuana Club, you will have safety in the sheer numbers of other people who are opening clubs, but you won't be immune from harm.

The risks in opening a Marijuana Club will never be zero. It is safer now than it has ever been before, but you still need a good set of cojones, and some careful thinking before you try it.

Need it be said? Talk to a good lawyer before you begin. Make sure you know what you are doing, and that you have a carefully thought plan for dealing with the risks.

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