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Marijuana Club Startup Guide

Armed Guards


Some clubs have armed guards. This is a guy (usually a guy) who stands in the front area, in uniform, with a pistol on his hip. Whether you need an armed guard is purely your judgment. Many clubs report that they get along just fine without them. Others think that they are a requirement. The differences of opinion depend on many things, including past experience and the local neighborhood.

We will be publishing research later this year that will help you judge whether you will need an armed guard. Stay tuned and keep checking back for updates.

Here is what you need to know about armed guards:

They must be very reliable people. They must not be someone who carries a gun because they think they have something to prove. This may seem obvious but it deserves mentioning.

Armed guards cannot use drugs. If they wind up shooting someone, they will surely be drug-tested afterwards and the results will be used against them, and you.

The owners, managers, clerks, and other people handling marijuana should not carry guns at any time. That will leave you open for some extra Federal prosecution, and may violate state or local laws, as well.

Armed guards can create liability problems. If you pull a gun on someone or taser them you better be damn sure that you have adequate legal justification. Otherwise, you are open to all kinds of criminal and civil problems. In California, just pulling out the weapon at the wrong time can be a felony. In addition, negligent discharges of a gun can get you into some big-time law suits. Before you hire one, you will need to check your own insurance coverage, as well as the coverage of any firm from which you hire armed guards.

Armed guards can be expensive. Count on them costing more than your typical clerk, just because of the various requirements.

Armed guards must be adequately trained in the use of their weapons and they must undergo frequent marksmanship qualification.


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