Your Guide to Making Money in the Multi-Billion-Dollar Marijuana Market
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Marijuana Club Startup Guide


Something remarkable has happened over the last few years in California. We will cover the story in more detail elsewhere but, in a nutshell, hundreds of marijuana compassion clubs have sprung up across California. Many of them operate as what would otherwise be conventional retail storefront operations. They have commercial offices or store space. They advertise and operate openly, just like any other business. They sell marijuana to anyone with a medical marijuana recommendation from a doctor, and recommendations are not difficult to get. Just about any medical complaint will do.

Marijuana is de facto legal in California for any adult who wants to go to the trouble to get it. It is sold on terms that are only slightly more restrictive and bothersome to the consumer than those for alcohol. With alcohol, you pay the tax in the form of a tax on each bottle sold. With marijuana, you pay the tax in the form of an annual visit to the doctor, with about a $100 fee.

These clubs have opened to meet the existing demand for marijuana, and some of them are doing a huge business. Our research shows that some clubs have pulled in tens of millions of dollars per year.

As a result, a rush is on to cash in on the boom. It is the New California Gold Rush. Only this Gold Rush is better, because you can grow this gold. Nationwide, the marijuana business is estimated to be in the tens of billions. California and a few other key states are destined to become the suppliers to the nation -- replacing the drug lords of foreign lands. The billions that formerly went to the drug lords instead will go to good, law-abiding, patriotic, tax-paying Americans -- and the communities they live in will experience an unprecedented boom.

In response to the many requests for a guide on how to start these clubs, we have prepared this complete guide to take you from start to finish. If you are an entrepeneur, interested in making a lot of money, this could be for you. There are risks associated with it, but the potential for a smart business person is absolutely huge.



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