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Marijuana Club Startup Checklist

These are the things you will need to get done before you open your doors.
Print this list and use it as a working guide to getting your club started.
Good Luck!

Date Completed Item Description
Assess the Risks Before you even begin, assess the risks. What you are planning can be dangerous.
Check the Local Situation Make sure you know what is happening in the local community and the attitudes towards medical marijuana.
Business Plan You will need a business plan, just as you would for any other kind of business. It will give you a good idea of the tasks and problems ahead of you.
Owner's Salary You will need to have a clear idea of what you need in terms of minimum salary.
Cash Reserves New businesses never go completely smoothly. You will need cash reserves as a safety measure.
Choosing a form of business You will need to choose a form of business - sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, or non-profit coooperative
Bank Account You will need a business checking account.
Doctors You will need a list of the cannabis-friendly doctors in your area.
Basic Forms and Procedures You will need some basic forms to register a patient or caregiver. You will also need specific procedures for your clerks to follow in registration.
Local Business License Most communities require a local business license before they will allow you to operate.
Food License If you are going to be selling edibles, then you will probably need a food license.
Web Site You will probably want to have a web site for your business.
Sales Tax Permit You will need to collect sales tax on your sales and send it to the state.
Store lease You will need to find a suitable location with an agreeable owner.
ATMs and Credit Cards You will do more business if you can accept ATM and credit cards.
Store Refurbishing Before you move in you will need to make various improvements to your store.
Steel doors and grates In some locations stores may be required to install steel doors as a security measure.
Video surveillance Invest heavily in video systems. They are your best bet for security.
Burglar alarm systems You will need an effective burglar alarm system.

You will need general liability insurance for your business.

Computer You will need a computer for basic functions like inventory and cash management, and also for verification of patient records.
Refrigerator A refrigerator is essential if you will be selling edibles.
Display cases Most stores have one or more glass display cases to display their products.
Advertising You will need to advertise your store to the general public.
Utility deposits You may need to place cash deposits with your local utility companies in order to establish a business account.
Phone and Internet You may need to pay deposits and other expenses to have telephone and internet services installed
Clerks / Managers

If you are hiring employees, you will need to advertise for employees, do background checks and incur other expenses related to hiring.

Payroll Services

You don't want to do payroll yourself. Make arrangements with a payroll service.

Opening and Closing Routines

You should have a planned and written routine for how you open and close your business every day.

Armed Guard(s) Many establishments have armed guards. You will have to decide whether you feel you need them.

You will have many legal issues before you. Get an attorney who knows what he is doing in this field.

Inventory (Marijuana) You will need a stock of inventory on hand to start your marijuana store.
Packaging Materials You will need plastic medicine bottles, plastic envelopes, and similar materials to package your retail items.
Smoking Accessories Smoking accessories and related items can provide additional revenue.
Furniture You will furniture for your club.
Cash and Inventory management system You will need a system to keep track of both cash and inventory.
Scales You will need scales to weigh your products 

You may want to consider get one or more safes for the business.

Logos, signs, and graphics You will probably want to get a formal business logo.
Business cards and brochures 

You will want to have business cards printed, as well as larger cards and advertising brochures. These items are cheap advertising. 

Automobiles Are you going to be buying or leasing any automobiles for use in the business? 
Miscellaneous items You will need miscellaneous office items.
Photocopier/Fax You will need a photocopier and other basic office equipment.
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