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How does someone transport marijuana?

What if someone has to transport marijuana from one place to another, in quantity? This is not a problem, really. There are just a few rules to remember.

  • If  the weed is smelly, secure it in some smell-tight container.
  • Lock it in the trunk, preferably within some other case.
  • Use an average-looking vehicle that is in good repair in all respects. No broken tail lights, or billowing smoke, or anything that might stop you along the way.
  • Use a driver who is perfectly average looking and won't provoke interest by the police.
  • Drive very defensively and courteously and don't break any traffic laws along the way.

If one follows all those rules, transporting marijuana from one place to another is quite safe. There is very little risk of getting caught during transport of marijuana, provided the basic rules are followed.

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