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BUDdy System Accounting

The quick, inexpensive, and easy solution to your collective management problems.

Are you struggling with Excel spreadsheets or handwritten paper for keeping track of membership and sales? Do you spend hours of manual labor adding up and checking totals? We have a solution for you.

Easy to Use

  • All of our clients say that Buddy System Accounting is the easiest collective accounting system they have ever seen.
  • Most users are able to use the system with no more than a ten-minute demonstration of how it works.
  • No installation is needed in your office. All you need is some computers than can access the Internet.
  • Initial set up is quick and easy.
  • The program structure is simple and obvious. Screens are easy to read and use.
  • Powerful reports allow you to watch what is happening – real-time – from anywhere. You can manage your collective while sitting on the beach.


The BUDdy System Membership module can save your collective! See "How Your Membership System Can Kill Your Collective."

BUDdy takes the work and pain out of membership.

  • Data entry screens make data entry easy, accurate, and secure.
  • Members can be searched and verified in a matter of seconds.
  • Expiration dates are automatically tracked and trigger alerts.
  • Member visits are accurately logged with just a mouse click.


The Sales module records your sales quickly and accurately.

  • Sales can be entered -- accurately -- in a few seconds with a few mouse clicks.
  • Products are selected from a dropdown list so you know exactly what was sold.
  • Prices are calculated automatically, based on the product.
  • Discounts may be applied in two different ways.
  • Data entry screen protects against incorrect entries.
  • Sales are linked to members for better auditing of sales.


The Buddy System Reports Module contains numerous reports showing up-to-the-minute activity.

  • Member reports show everything to do with your members – their name and expiration date, their last visit, and the items they have purchased.
  • Administrative reports show all of your purchases, the amounts paid, and amounts owed.
  • Sales reports show everything you have sold, right down to each individual gram, and the profit made on each individual item.
  • Powerful views -- You select what you want to see in all the reports. You can select by date, product name, vendor, member, and any other item relevant to the report. You can see the operation of your collective at the overview level, or at the finest level of detail. Reports can be instantly sorted by any data item with a single mouse click.

If you want more information on the BUDdy System, please send an e-mail to


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